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7 golden rules on how to behave in order for a man to fear you to lose

7 golden rules on how to behave in order for a man to fear you to lose

Most married women fear that after a while men’s passion will be diminished and divorce. Psychologists know the secret of how to behave in order for a man to cherish you. By following these rules, you will be able to keep your marriage and love.

Leave your man’s private space

The largest proportion of family paramedics is due to the fact that one partner overcomes the control of another. Usually men suffer from exaggerated custody of a woman, and the woman is offended when she does not receive enough attention from her side. This is her lack of love.

He and she perceive marital relations differently. Regardless of the strength of feelings, a man will never abandon meetings with his friends or athletic matches. Women tend to plunge into relationships to their ears, forget their friends and leisurely hobbies that do not involve a loved one. This causes painful dissonance.

The first golden rule: To avoid problems, stop treating yourself. Do not concentrate on your husband 24 hours a day, rather, find 2-3 horses that will take your spare time. As long as the man is sitting in a bar with friends, go to workouts, have a beauty salon, meet with your friends, attend a refresher course, and have fun. Not only will you give your husband a couple of hours of free time per day, but you will feel more confident and improve yourself. Men never dream of a beautiful, confident and constantly developing woman.

Keep it up

Good relations need a balance and harmony, so do not cling to extremes. Perhaps you already believed that you can not over-patronize and control the man? But do not forget to call him (not often, but once a day) and ask him how he is doing, ask him if he does not want to go with you to a sports club. Then you will be equal partners. Ask about his achievements and failures, hold on when needed. Men do not report their failures to friends, so they need loving support.

The second golden rule: stay next to his victories and defeat moments. Men never sleeps the woman who understands them and accepts them as they are.

Stay attractive

Most married women devote less time to themselves than before the wedding. Remember how you tried to please him then. View your agenda and find more time to cherish your looks and beauty.

The third golden rule: make sure that you always see it with a stylish makeup and an impeccable manicure. Beautiful women do not want to lose.

Do not spoil!

Women sometimes romanticize a man’s jealousy for himself, holding him a proof of love. They themselves can long and persistently envy the man to terrorize. Neither the one nor the other option enhances relations.

Try to provoke a man’s envy, be prepared for unpleasant surprises. Some men may be seriously angry, while others may support a woman with lightweight. It’s better not to joke about such things.

Unlike women, all men despise such an expression of love and get nervous when a partner is jealous.

Psychologists say that the most frequent cause of jealousy is the distrust of oneself. A woman starts to think that a man can find another and begins to play a detective.

The fourth golden rule: concentrate on yourself, make as many cosmetic procedures as you need to make yourself very beautiful. And jealousy will pass.

Let him feel what he needs

Every man strives to show his second half how necessary and good he is. You can play with his cherished ambitions and from time to time ask what kind of service. If someone breaks down at home, first tell the man about the problem. Perhaps he intends to fix himself to grow up in your eyes. If he does not succeed, do not be fooled or confused in any way. He does not feel weak.

The fifth golden rule: Be wise and take advantage of the man’s strength, tacitally keeping silent about his weaknesses. Compromise relations are usually the longest and most durable. Men are afraid of losing a woman who is close to being strong and masculine.

Be proficient in financial matters

Another painful place for most men is financial wellbeing. Criticism of man’s work and pay, criticisms of the value of gifts often leads to the end of the relationship.

The sixth golden rule: refrain from critique of the man’s financial situation. If you are not happy with your income, consider discussing how you can improve the material situation during a family meeting. A man will not want to lose a woman if he knows that money costs her less than love.

Do not commit suicide and anger

It is difficult to restore the former heat of relations even after several days of mutual recognitions, not to mention the longer conflict time. Relationships do not have to fluctuate greatly between love and hatred.

The seventh golden rule: If you love your husband, then learn to understand it, and not the idealized form that you created in your head when it was just for you. This will appreciate and appreciate you for that.

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