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Scary Truth About Always Connected People

Scary Truth About Always Connected People

Social networking has opened opportunities to keep in touch with people you probably would have forgotten. At the same time set a trap – comparing with others, we began to feel the anxiety and emptiness. People more and more are forgetting how to chat with each other. How to enjoy little things in life.

Most people do not even spare time for themselves, does not run out of the hands of smart devices are always online and available – try to answer all incoming messages, comment on friends, colleagues and even strangers pictures of their various phrases. They have anxiety, if at least somewhat behind the rest of social life, always feel inexplicable inner emptiness and stress. If you recognize yourself in this description, it may be that you, like most of the younger generation, suffer fear … let slip, become less valuable then others.

Andrew Przybylski, questioned participants about their attachment to social networks and life satisfaction, noticed an interesting connection. The more people use social networks, the less autonomous and felt competent, and their relationships with others were less obvious. They felt that spend the most important events in the life, and thus suffered from fear miss something important in social life.

Communication in social networks can lead to an identity crisis and to encourage non-verbal communication habits loss, when communicating virtually you do not look your interviewer in the eye, do not look to your posture, smile and do not communicate much. In addition, for his own opinion of us is more important other comments – we live in a world in which the most important is what we think about others. Such behavior impedes adequate self-assessment. We always want much better things, like bigger coach or bigger, more fancy table. We began to desire what others have.

I understand, that these things sounds serious and it isnt one day change, but you need to start as soon as possible. Start by waking up every morning. When you wake up just spend 5 minutes by thinking why you should be satisfied about your life, which things you have.

Have you ever wonder what would be, if your life wouldnt be such great as it is now?

Just remember that most of the things we have now, we stop appreciate. Example: I have beautiful bed, good car or beautiful family. Some people maybe doesnt have these things. There are dozens of people who doesnt have where to sleep tonight. There are dozens of people who will never know what does mean to have fairy tale before sleep or what doest it mean to have christmas, happy birthday party with family, closest people in their entire life.

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