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The Weakest 12 Body Parts of Zodiac Body

The Weakest 12 Body Parts of Zodiac Body

Even in the XVIII century, a frequent doctor was also an astrologer. More precisely, the rare one who did not have it. Doctors used astrology only a few hundred years ago to better understand their patients and their ailments.

Later astromedicina, like most of the old knowledge and knowledge, was forgotten, many were lost. For modern astrologers, it’s also known that astro medics have previously been showing the weakest parts of the body of the Zodiac signs. It was believed that it was precisely the diseases or illnesses in that area that most often tortured some people born at the time of the year.

Aloe locus minoris resistentiae, or the least resistant part of the body, are head, Taurus – neck, twins – lungs, crayfish – stomach, and the weakest place in the fish is the foot. However, it’s not right to simplify this knowledge, they certainly do not say that the Ainu brand’s representative will suffer only head injuries, while other diseases will drain water from it.

Astromedicina simply tells you where the weakness is, because it primarily reflects something wrong with the human body. Suppose the aries can have heart or stomach problems, but their cause will be in mind. If he is stubborn, despite the possibilities of his body and the signals sent by him, he is pushed forward, with a panic attack, then with illness, and their consequences get worse.


As we have already mentioned, ail health problems begin. So it is logical that there should be a healing process there.

Following this sign, the children themselves should learn (parents teach children or find suitable specialists) how to relax, calm down sudden tension, sort ideas that turn on stress mechanisms in our body.

First of all, various psychological and meditative practices advise you not to associate yourself with the thoughts that spawns in our minds: “I’m not anger, I’m obsessing with the state of a feeling of anger, but I do not recognize it.”

Do you think it’s very simple or even stupid? And you try to do this when the wave of a lush wave rushes violently. Watch it for a while and take a look at it – it’s a serious step forward, i.e. y to a healthier and happier life.


When a representative of the Taurus afflicts, his malaise also begins at a weak body, a neck or a neck. How does this happen?

We are not talking about the overload that they are clinging to their shoulders. Here, we have too much stress, too much work hours, tensions, too little rest, and lack of free time to get away from work problems and tasks.

We live and study, and the Taurays have to make a timely note of when to take a break and what measures, which methods best help them to relax and rebuild their strengths.


Astromedicina claims that any disease is beginning to spread to the weakest place in Twins. This is related to respiratory organs. The third zodiac not only inspires the air, supplies the whole body with oxygen – the proper, high-quality breathing maintains their mental health.

If Gemini does not care what pollutants inspire, they do not notice how slowly they poison their body, they are not able to create a safety barrier. First of all, the representatives of this brand must learn how to recognize such damaging and damaging “debris”. They are everything that takes away your energy, mood, counts, thinking, creating, acting. Once you are able to recognize it, you will be able to protect yourself and your physical and mental health.


If cancer markers are often sick (let’s not talk about genetic or chronic diseases), they probably do not know the location of their weak body – the stomach. His work is disturbed by various illnesses and tormented by pain.

These are caused not only by hot, cold, spicy or generally unhealthy foods and beverages, but also tension, anxiety, excitement, and fear. It’s all that Cancer is consuming, obviously, such a “food” does not really appeal to the stomach.

For this brand, self-sensitizing yourself to the body signals, you need to learn inner peace and balance, or turn to therapists who advise and teach how to do it.


The lion is named after the sun of the zodiac because it is precisely this light of heaven. The lion’s body “sun” is the heart. She is the place where the signs and ailments of the fifth zodiac are knitting. First of all, because Lions are too receptive to the heart, it overestimates some things, words, some failures or mistakes.

Heart troubles and diseases can start to complain about even the healthiest lions who are experiencing divorce, loss, defeat. Sports, favorite activities, acceptable contemporary therapies, or millennial practices and meditations can help Lions create a protective ring around the weakest part of their body.


The primary source of all illnesses and illnesses of the Virgin brand lies in the gut. The healthy intestine usually guarantees a person’s strong health and resistance to diseases.

We will not say anything new – it’s not just a decent diet, but also mental health that helps keep it clean and healthy. Tensions, conflicts, and any negative emotions are provocative situations for the Virgin is poison. They poison their health.

Hence, intelligent beings, and the representatives of this brand love and guided by logic, are looking for ways and means to help prevent or eliminate unwanted emotions and experiences in a healthy way.


Astromedicina claims that the weakness of the Libra is kidneys. It’s a great body for us. We feel the importance of life and quality of life when we get sick. Therefore, any illness primarily bites the nest in the Zodiac’s kidneys of this Oro Symptom.

If you do not care about them, you are living in an unhealthy and irresponsible way, you will not live and do not follow the healthy diet and movement, this part of the health is lacking and affects the whole body. For scales, it is important not only to limit fluids in the evening, especially alcohol, to nourish properly, but also to relax regularly, discover healthy ways of recovery and relaxation.


All Scorpion problems begin in the genital organs. That the way it is. Scorpio Zodiac controls reproductive organs, these are their weak body. Not only insecure sexual intercourse or overheating can lead to genital illness.

As it is said, all diseases are from nerves. The constant tension is like burning the body from the inside, without it being, it sends signals primarily to the Scorpion through the sexual organs, their inflammations and more serious illnesses.

To be healthy, you have to create a serious philosophical, world-view basis in order to react less to life’s changes and surprises. Of course, you have to take care of body hygiene, safe sex and discover ways and activities that will strengthen your physical and mental health.


According to astrologers, the Sagittarius Zodiac symbolizes the human-animal path toward human-god (the work of God). This symbolizes the correct posture.

If you encounter any psychological problems, you become pregnant if certain physical ailments and illnesses endangers you into the horn of a goat, if your spine is weak, tormenting his pains, the time, of course, to seek medical advice.

But this is also the reason to look for psychosomatic causes. How do you think, what feelings you most often experience, what do you do in life (maybe you are too rigid, humble, deny dignity and basic human values, forgot your spiritual life, or are you deprived of God)? The show reveals whether you are healthy or caring for all your health.


The most exposed part of the Capricorn is the paths. This, of course, does not mean that they are only traumatic and malicious. Often, others are attacked, but often paths send symptoms to other areas of the body or to a generally deteriorating state of the body that is losing health.

Too often, on the road, for the sake of self-interest, favor or non-folding, non-limiting (sometimes it means too proud and rigid), the representatives of this brand make themselves a bear service.

The mobility of the road also reveals the great psychological health of the representatives of this Zodiac, the ability to be flexible, to forget the mischief and mistakes, to accept, to thank or to seek compromises.

It is better to learn it by yourself and on your own, rather than waiting for illness to rethink the basis of your attitude and behavior, which is also about health, not just inner peace and confidence in yourself and in the world.


Watery weakness – bones and legs. Of course, they not only cause pain, suffer from diseases, injuries, but often these organs signal the disturbance of the body’s balance, and thus the loss of resistance and health.

When it comes to problems, it’s time to see what saves you the ease of life, prevents you to move freely and even jump into the air. Self-examination is one, but not the only way to physical and mental health. Search for teachers, ask for tips and links, and really discover health promoting activities that will be acceptable to you.


The most exposed part of the body of the body is the legs, or more precisely, the feet. Here, even more symbolically, the saying goes, only inverted, that the fish starts to blow off not the head, but the legs …

Did you miss the connection with reality, t. y do you feel your feet on the ground? Here’s a question you should ask yourself when it comes to seasonal illness or serious illness.

Losing this connection, you are too busy with your work, fantasy, you fall into your hobbies, sometimes harmful to health – drugs, alcohol (in other words, Fish is not only a sign of clerics, but also a sign of alcoholics).

To maintain and protect the health of people who are born under this sign will help with spiritual or physical activity, various practices and mediations that allow maintaining inner consistency.

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