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What color of lips are best suited to your zodiac sign?

What color of lips are best suited to your zodiac sign?

Lips are tempting, intriguing and Chelmic at all times of the year. Because of this, the shade you use to highlight is the key to lips being beautiful and elegant. The British cosmetics company is well-versed in lips cosmetics, sharing key criteria to help decide on the best choices based on this year’s trends and our zodiac sign.

Poppy King, the founder of the famous beauty company, ensures that her philosophy is to create the passion and emotion associated with lip color (this is the idea of ​​horoscopes). “This was the idea I created for my website.”

Poppy was looking for new shades and textures for women who would suit their personality.

“The most ferocious and warmest colors are suitable for the Fire brand, the most romantic ones – Watermark,” King explained.

Study the advice of this expert and discover what works best for you on your birthday.


Your schedule has been filled in and the calendar has been completed several months in advance. Your desire and goodness make you a loved one. As for beauty, you enjoy unpredictable details and impress your style. Do not be afraid to use impressive color lipstick, such as purple and lilac, as unique as you!


You know how to navigate downstream and diving between waves instead of fighting against them. You always show great patience and, although your romantic nature in the past has made you feel uncomfortable, you still always see the good things of things. Your favorite lipstick shades? Everyone! And even better if it’s blue shades like your watermark.


Enjoy the adventure and not be afraid of anything. This year, you will free your very worst side. A red lipstick is your best companion. There is nothing sexier than lips, highlighted in this rich color.


The secret (maybe not so secret?) That you think that diamonds are the best friends of women and who does not like a little luxury? You can achieve this with vivid colors and lightening.


Your personality is versatile and talkative. You stand out for your creativity and a great sense of humor. You can be mysterious and also predictable, so choose a hint of body color and bright colors according to your mood.


You live in order to love and believe in happiness for anyone to enjoy it. This year, you will feel as romantically as ever and for all possible, that Cupid has prepared for you very pleasant surprises. Choose luminous colors like coral and orange shades.


As a lioness, you are a queen of jungle. You say what you think, though it would not be the most appropriate moment. Your sincerity sometimes “causes” unpleasant moments, but at the same time a crowd of fans who value your ability to express what you feel. Maybe you’ll love purple and red colors.


You are prone to perfectionism and you always require a lot of yourself. You enjoy doing well and this year will not be an exception. Your shades of this year? Tactful but elegant, such as blood red.


Your sweet and delightful smile is the main attraction weapon. You should also try and resolve conflicts, but as always, it will do great work. Choose ruby ​​red to highlight your lips.


You are passionate, energetic and daring. Your power and attraction attract people around you. No one else is as good as yours, the most cunning and seductive shades. This year, choose a red matte, gleaming or translucent.


You are more charismatic than you need and you know it. You will be the soul of the parties this year, which is why we offer rich and passionate colors for your lips, such as linden red.


You do not leave the unfinished work and offer something once, do not stop until you reach it. Your style of beauty is always tactical, but elegant. You are recommended to use carmine red lipstick.

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