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Why Changing Last Name After Marriage Is So Important?

Why Changing Last Name After Marriage Is So Important?

Changing last name after marriage – this is not only a kind of business card in the real world, but your fate cipher. Numerology argue that changing your name, you can radically change the destiny of the line. Consequently, leaking and selecting the name of a man, your life will not be as it was before. Is it worth it to fear?

Which side of the barricades to maintain – a private affair, but the fact remains: changing the name of the woman’s life is changed. Not only supernatural forces applied, but for a completely prudential reasons.


The name you use on a daily basis, demonstrates how you see yourself, what do you think you are, how you understand yourself. Each time when reach out to shake hands and pronounce your name, tell us not only who you are but also what you think in. And any life coach or a psychologist would say that the most important thing is how you feel in this world. Your self-confidence, determination, self-discipline, and this is what things are able to understand and accept as gifts – everything has a difference in your quality of life and happiness.

So let us return to the name. Western cultures are sought after marriage to change the name. But is it wise? And if the marriage ends in divorce, is it worth to stay in the former husband’s surname or better to replace it?

Many numerologists before changing the name to advise you to calculate how it will affect your key numbers. It may well be that the spouse of the woman’s name will provide additional vibration, which may mean more success, creativity, credibility, confidence, determination, or other features. It is obvious that in some cases, the spouse’s name to the woman may become more important or useful for parents given sponsored.

But if you want your name to add more units, three or Eight, because of the way you think, you’ll get more benefit, it is quite superficial approach to spirituality in his own name and fate. It figures in your name will appear artificially, so they can cause more problems than benefit.


There are at least several approaches about changing the names of marriage. First, the woman usually takes over the husband’s name. This is illustrated by his addiction. Numerology Some even claim that this woman partially lose their identity numerology. This approach is related to the fact that after living with someone else, life is changing. However, other numerologists say that as a married woman with a man’s name gets a new energy from wood spouse pedigrees. These are man ancestors takes a woman to act in the same way as the husband. So man’s name is not always a bad thing, if this is a good woman and gives positive energy.

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