Create Street Art Using Plastic Bags

Create Street Art Using Plastic Bags

All of us know that mankind litters nature surrounding them with waste of their activity.

We buy clothes and products which most often are put into polyethylene bags which are also used for garbage. And thus without thinking, we harm the nature, littering the soil and water. After all, these plastic bags don’t decay.
Sea animals swallow them and perish from it. I care about this problem deeply as I love animals very much and strongly worry that some of them are on the verge of disappearance. Therefore my current work involved working with plastic bags, devoted to this subject.








Musayeva Nazrin was born on January 27 in the city of Baku. Musayeva Nazrin came to Azebaydzhansky State Art Academy B 2010 on faculty of arts and crafts, graduated from it in 2013 with the bachelor’s degree, at the moment Musayeva Nazrin work as the decor designer and also the composition and painting teacher in the Azerbaijani Gosudartvenny College, the Member of the Union of artists of Azerbaijan Since the childhood liked to draw generally oil a water color.

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