Amazing Structures Built By Animals

Many years people had been learning from nature how to build Skyscrapers, monuments and huge buildings. Every animal house looks different. Wild animals buildings had been made entirely from materials found in nature. Every piece of wild animals homes are perfectly scratched until perfection. Some animals are amazing architects and engineers. Wild animals and their …

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10 Strangest Planets In Space

Space is unbelievably strange. You would be forgiven for thinking that every planet out there is similar, just a big ball of rock and gas, but planets are remarkably more unique than that. Here’s the top 10 strangest planets in the known universe, that seem like they belong in some bizarre science fiction series.

Top 10 Strangest Elements

Top 10 Strangest Elements – Currently there are 118 elements that we have discovered and logged on the Periodic table. Here’s the weirdest elements from the periodic table, that seem to defy the laws of physics.


Gold means luxury, isn’t it? The precious metal is often associated with royalty and wealth. However, this metal is not the most expensive substance in the world. Not even platinum. Try a new look at the most expensive materials by weight.

Weirdest Things Ever Found in the Ocean

There are a lot of weird things in the ocean, really weird things. Whether they belong there or not, the sheer volume of strange discoveries that have been recovered from the sea is mind-boggling, and it grows day by day. Here’s a list of some of the most unique.

Most Mysterious Treasures Found Underwater

We like to think that, as humans, we are in control of our world and possess all of the answers. After all, we’ve mapped the Earth’s surface, explored much of its landmasses, written great histories about the various civilizations who have lived here and vastly improved our technological levels. We’ve gone from living in huts …

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The Worlds Best Treehouse

The World’s Best Treehouse (with a spa, shower, fully plumbed, fire place and stunning views of World Heritage listed rainforest) – Blue Mountains – Bilpin – NSW – Australia. Nestled between 2x National Parks and verged by the Wollemi World Heritage listed areas. It took 2 years to build, is finally completed and looking amazing.