Why Visit Denmark Country

Visit one of Denmark’s picturesque small towns and walk through centuries of Danish history. Each has a unique charm and special atmosphere, away from the bustle of everyday life. Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town, was recently voted Europe’s Best Small Destination. Skagen is a popular seaside town in the North, which has drawn artists and holidaymakers for hundreds of years. There are many beautiful towns in Denmark and some of the most popular to visit are listed in this guide.

Ribe – the oldest town of Denmark

Here is tourist information about Ribe and inspiration for experiences and holiday stays. Sample wonderful nature in the Wadden Sea National Park See the ‘black sun’, try a seal or oyster safari, visit the island Mandø, discover the Vikings, follow the night-watchman, explore the medieval city and Ribe Cathedral.


Ærøskøbing – houses and streets are delicately restored to retain the character of the olden days

Ærø is a moraine island located at the southerly entrance to Lillebælt. It is Denmark’s 12th smallest island and is 88.1 square kilometres (948.30 ft²) in size. Its size makes it the 24th smallest municipal in the country, taking 75thplace on a total list of the 98 Danish municipals. It is just short of the size of the Municipal of Copenhagen.
The island of Ærø forms the southerly boundary of the South Funen Archipelago and lies south of Funen itself, west of Langeland, which is its closest “neighbour”, north of Slesvig-Holstein (separated by the Baltic Sea) and east of the peninsula of Als in Jutland. In terms of the number of residents, the municipal of Ærø is surely one of the Lilliputians; being the fourth-smallest one in Denmark. Anno 2012, there were around 6,700 residents on the island, spread across a number of villages and the three main towns of Marstal (2,395 residents), Ærøskøbing (958 residents) and Søby (539 residents).


Svaneke – the most beautiful market town of Denmark

In 2013 Svaneke was awarded the most beautiful market town of Denmark. 15 towns from all over the country were nominated for the award as Denmark’s most beautiful market town and Svaneke won! The Danish Building Culture (Bygningskultur Danmark) arranged the competition, which focused on the historical qualities of the town centre. Svaneke is the most beautiful and well-preserved old town of Bornholm and cherish the original environment.

Svaneke is an atmospheric fishing community of half-timbered houses and winding streets, located on Denmark’s Baltic island, Bornholm. In 2013 Svaneke was awarded the most beautiful market town of Denmark.

Ebeltoft – Idyllic town with timber-framed buildings and cobblestones

You’ll find one of Denmark’s most popular holiday towns on the scenic peninsula of Djursland, East Jutland. Ebeltoft is a quaint town of cobbled streets and crooked old houses. Visit the world’s longest vintage frigate here!


Mariager – The town of roses

Nestled on a fjord near Jutland’s East Coast, the town of Mariager is a picturesque slice of rural Denmark. Walk the cobbled streets with a loved one for a romantic getaway or treat the whole family at some of the many outdoor activities in and around the town.


Sønderho(Fanoe) – holiday at the north sea, wide sandy beaches and great nature experiences

This lovely little town, hidden in the dunes of Fanø Island on Denmark’s West Coast, is a well-preserved piece of Danish history. Combine a trip to Sønderho with the wetlands of the Wadden Sea National Park surrounding the island.

Christiansfeld – World Cultural Heritage

Christiansfeld is a unique town in Denmark. Not only was it built in 1773 by Moravian monks, but it is an early example of precise town planning! This beautiful town in South Jutland is currently on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Faaborg – idyllic and with hollihocks

In the 17th century, Faaborg was a bustling port town. Nowadays it’s a quiet escape and a fantastic day trip from Copenhagen or Odense. Hidden in rolling countryside on the South Coast of Funen Island, it’s easy to unwind into Faaborg’s old-world charm.


Dragør – very intimate and friendly

Take a break from the city at the lovely fishing town of Dragør, only 12 km south of Copenhagen. You can drive or cycle here across the moorland of Amager Fælled, or take the bus. The town has a scenic centre and a harbour with great places to eat.


Maribo – beautifully situated by the lakes in the middle of the nature park

Maribo is a quaint town on the island of Lolland, which dates back to the 15th century. Known for its jazz festival and beautiful lakeside location, Maribo is a place where you can enjoy both cultural and natural highlights.


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