You need to try ski diving in dubai

Experience Winter this November in Dubai where a World of Skydiving and breath-taking experiences await you. . Watch the World’s Top Skydivers compete over a landmark drop zone with all the action to be caught on State of The Art RED Cameras! Welcome to Dubai. Welcome to the 2012 World Parachuting

Tandem skydive dubai

Tandem Skydive is quickest and easiest way to experience of being in freefall! Strapped to a highly qualified tandem skydive instructor you will jump from 10,000 – 15,000 feet, falling at speeds of around 120mph before your tandem parachute is deployed for you to enjoy the views skydiving over the palm dubai, as you float back to the ground. No previous experience is necessary and it takes just 30 minutes to be trained to make tandem jump in dubai in my life!

What to expect:

Training for your dubai sky jump is simple and takes around 30 minutes. Dubai sky jump training covering the following:

  • The tandem parachute equipment and how it works
  • How you will be attached to your tandem instructor
  • The body position you need to adopt when inside skydiving
  • How to reach skydive dubai palm drop zone

Tandem skydiving is a very popular training method for first time. Tandem skydive include activities, for example, how to do maneuvers in freefall, and how to deploy the main canopy themselves. Tandem skydiving is a type of skydiving where person is connected to a tandem skydive instructor during the tandem skydive.

Skydive dubai palm drop zone

When you ready for skydive the palm, you will be given a jumpsuit, hat and goggles, and then fitted into your harness. Then you walk with your tandem instructor to board the plane to do the palm skydive. The plane will climb to an altitude of between 10,000 – 15,000 feet. Lets get ready for fly jump dubai. Skydive dubai best time!

Diving in dubai has no upper age limit and you can start tandem skydiving as young as 16 years old! Your sky jump dubai can be captured using DVD and high quality photos by one of our skilled camera flyers. Tandem jump dubai is one of the most valuable experience!

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