Forget water with lemon: new hite for weight loss and detoxification!

In this article I intend to present to you a mixture of two ingredients that will improve the whole body’s condition, accelerate metabolism, make you healthier!

Every morning, we definitely use some kind of drink, because at the time of sleep we lose a lot of liquids. Normally, it is plain water, but we recommend you replace it with a combination of grapefruit and water. It will help to quench thirst, and will bring a lot of benefits to your body!


½ grapefruit;
1 cup of warm water;
some rosemary.

Put these ingredients in a glass of warm water and mix. You can cut a grapefruit or use its juice.

You should drink this drink immediately, on an empty stomach. This drink has a refreshing taste! J8s lose weight as it accelerates metabolism and improves health!

Positive aspects of this drink:

Grapefruit is low in calories, so it’s very useful if you have extra weight. They also contain vitamin C.
Grapefruit diets are very effective, but you need to keep track of yourself. Because, in 12 days you can lose up to 5 kg overweight.
Note: Grapefruit must not be used with real medicines as it can cause health problems. Therefore, consult your doctor before deciding to start taking this medication.

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