Remove dental plaque in just 2 minutes, try this rinse liquid!

Oral health is closely related to our health. Try this mouth rinse liquid! This mouthwash liquid will cost much less. Removes dental stones, use natural ingredients.

There are no chemicals in this mouth rinse liquid like when shopping in stores.

In this article we will provide you the best and cheapest mouthwash.

The best oral hygiene product is sodium bicarbonate. In addition to removing bleaching and staining, this mouth liquid, successfully destroys bacteria, germs and dental plaques, stones. Helps remove bad breath.

You will need:

1 cooking baking soda;
½ spoons of salt;
½ cup hydrogen peroxide;
1 cup of cold water;
½ cup of warm water;

The first thing you need to do is to mix soda and salt.
Moisten the brush with water and apply a mixture of sodas and salt on it.
Now clean brush with teeth.
Examine everything and repeat the same process again.
Then you need to mix hydrogen peroxide with warm water.
Rinse mouth and spit.
To remove teeth stones, use a toothbrush.
Rinse your mouth with cold water.
It is recommended to repeat this procedure 2 times a week.
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