Habits for healthy lifestyle

The most frustrating thing about building habits and about self-development in general is this idea, that inspiration doesn‘t always correlate to change. So, it doesn‘t matter how motivated or inspired you are, it doesn‘t mean, that you actually going to change that aspect of your life. We should start thinking long-term and not trying to change everything about your life in a day. That‘s why we listed some habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Excercise every day

It‘s probably the most basic habit you can think of, when talking about a healthy lifestyle, but, it is true. Excercise is important to increase productivity, and even happiness, there are many other, more obvious benefits of excercise as well. Anyone can set aside 10-15 minutes a day for a little workout: jogging, push-ups, or sit-ups, so, that should be your starting point, when building an excercise routine.

Eat more vegetables

Since, probably anyone‘s, childhood, we were told to eat more vegetables. And that is for a reason. You probably were told many times, that veggies have tons of vitamins and minerals. Smoothies are a perfect way to consume vegetables, if you don‘t like eating salads, or vegetables on the side.

Read every day

Listen to an audio book, or do some light reading before bed. You don‘t have to read a book every week, but the dense content you get from books is unlike any other media. If you love reading fiction books, you increase your own imagination. If you love reading educational, historical, and other non-fiction books, it is pretty obvious, that you learn a lot.

Drink more water

Common recommendation is to drink 64oz, or 2l of water everyday. Water helps to clean out your gut and blood flow, which is very important for your brain and muscle health. When working out, do not drink too much water, as it might come back out when doing sit-ups, or push-ups.


This is a habit, that a lot of people count as valuable. Meditation is important, because it helps you to refresh your brain power and your energy, which, again, increases productivity, and overall happiness. Sam Harrison‘s meditation app, called “Waking Up” has lots of meditation courses included. You can build this habit with the help of this app.

Build routines

This is not necessarily healthy, but it helps you to organize your day, and with the help of this habit, you can find time to develop another habit, for example, workout. This is a habit, that’s connected to many others.

It is recommended to start small and easy. For a start, five minutes of workout, for example, is great, because most of the time we don’t do five minutes, often, we set up a timer for five minutes, and end up doing it for way longer. Don’t be overly ambitious, because you can destroy the whole process. With that being said, we wish you to develop new habits bit-by-bit, but, don’t be afraid of failure, because life is an obstacle course, that we have to overcome, don’t judge yourself, and be happy.

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