After Years of Helping Crow Family, Man Was Left ‘Mind-Blown’ Over Their Homemade Gifts in Return

An enthusiastic backyard bird watcher named Stuart Dahlquist spent years leaving out food for a family of crows—but he never expected to be given anything in return for the snacks. That’s why he was all the more shocked when he was surprised with a gift from the corvids back in March 2019. The 56-year-old Seattle […]

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Smell of Roses, Even During Sleep, Shown to Help Improve Learning Success by as Much as 30%

Effortless learning during sleep is the dream of many people—but the smell of roses may actually be the key to making that dream a reality. According to an extensive new laboratory sleep study, German researchers found that smells have a very supportive effect on learning success when presented both during learning and sleep. Researchers at […]

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More Cities Install ‘Rain Gardens’ to Filter Pollution

Rainwater runoff is notorious for polluting urban waterways by sweeping up all the chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and automotive oils that sully dense metropolitan areas. Thankfully, cities across the west coast of the United States are rapidly applying a simple new method for combatting rainwater runoff: gardens. These aptly-named “Rain Gardens” (also known as […]

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Food waste falls by 7% per person in three years

The UK is making significant steps in reducing its food waste, with total food waste levels falling by 480,000 tonnes between 2015 and 2018 – a 7% reduction per person and equivalent of filling London’s Royal Albert Hall ten times. The new data comes from sustainability not-for-profit WRAP’s latest Courtauld Commitment 2025 milestone report, which sets […]

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Why you should buy alphion water alkalizer

Ionized alkanized water

So much More than Clean Water … The Water Ionizer Provides Healthy Drinking PH Balanced Drinking Water. Water ionizers can help to improve your health in ways you never thought were possible. They produce healthy, ionized water in seconds. The Water Ionizer produces alkaline ionized water with a PH range of 4.0 to 10.0 and …

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Remove dental plaque in just 2 minutes, try this rinse liquid!

Oral health is closely related to our health. Try this mouth rinse liquid! This mouthwash liquid will cost much less. Removes dental stones, use natural ingredients. There are no chemicals in this mouth rinse liquid like when shopping in stores. In this article we will provide you the best and cheapest mouthwash. The best oral …

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Forget water with lemon: new hite for weight loss and detoxification!

In this article I intend to present to you a mixture of two ingredients that will improve the whole body’s condition, accelerate metabolism, make you healthier! Every morning, we definitely use some kind of drink, because at the time of sleep we lose a lot of liquids. Normally, it is plain water, but we recommend …

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